Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starter Block Off Plate

Here's a shot of the mount for the old starter. I used a piece of sheet metal to cover up the hole. One of the bolts is the original motor mount and the other is from the starter mount. Tin snips and five minutes later.......and viola. The sheet metal was flexed out a little so I used a bit of adhesive caulk to glue it to the transmission housing.

I used a clamp and ratchet to hold the sheet metal against the transmission housing.

Here's the finished product.


David Harrington said...

Any more progress to report?

Your EV Album says that you have some drives under you!

peterros said...

Yes. I am way way behind on this blog. It was getting to the point where I was blogging more than working on the ev. I decided to get her running and work on the blog afterwards. I've been taking pictures and should pick this back up shortly.....But I am now driving my ev to and from work almost everyday. Feels good!